Financial Policy

As a not-for-profit association, we are bound by not only ethical behavior, but by certain federal IRS rules and regulation s about how we use your money.  It will be the policy of the HTMA-GA to have open and transparent financial accounting practices.  We will always assure you that the funds entrusted to us will be used for the benefit of our members and the Biomedical profession at large.  All income and expenses will be channeled through a HTMA-GA bank account.  Regular income and expense statements will be provided to not only our members, but to anyone else who wishes to scrutinize them.

We have an annual spreadsheet that itemizes all of our sources of income and expense.  We will post periodic income and expense statements on this website, but will provide a detailed set of our accounting records to anyone who requests them.

HTMA-GA 2014 Year End Financial Statement.pdf

March 10 financial report.docx

2014 Income Taxes - Since we began business in 2015, no 2014 tax return is required.

1023 - IRS Not-for-profit filing made April, 2015.

Healthcare Technology Management Association of Georgia

HTMA-GA is a Georgia Not-for-Profit corporation.

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